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Aji Lucento Rocoto Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Pubescens - Prolific & Delicious

Aji Lucento Rocoto Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Pubescens - Prolific & Delicious

Quantity: 10 Seeds

Species: Capsicum Pubescens

Scovilles: 12,000 - 30,000


Aji Lucento is an excellent variety of Rocoto pepper, aka capsicum pubescens. Rocoto pepper plants are known for their amazing ability to thrive in cooler temperatures, and even tolerate temperatures down to 0ºC. Because of this, these plants thrive in so many different regions of the world. These strong plants produce a heavy abundance of juicy hot peppers that ripen from green to red. The plants look very beautiful with their fuzzy green leaves, and abundance of vibrant purple flowers. Under ideal growing conditions, Aji Lucento can grow to be about 4 feet tall, and 4 feet wide, and yield over 80 pods in the first season. Like most Rocotos, Aji Lucento is truly delicious; they're juicy, sweet, fruity, and hot. These peppers are great for eating fresh, but they make a superior hot sauce too.


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.

  • Growing Instructions

    It's best to start Rocoto pepper seeds as early in the season as possible; for us this is in January and February. It's good to sow them in a sterile growing medium; most available seed starting soils should do the job nicely; we use sunshine mix (peat moss and perlite). The soil should be made moist, but not damp. Sow the seeds 1/4 inch below the soil surface. Store in a warm area until tiny sprouts emerge from the soil. A heat mat aids in this step. Once germinated, and the first true leaf has formed, it's time to pot up to a larger container that contains a good quality potting soil. Transplant to their final location when the nighttime temperatures are consistently 8°C or higher. Peppers do best when grown in full sun, but Rocotos prefer a cooler climate, so can benefit from some midday shade if possible

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