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Blondkopfchen Tomato Seeds - Solanum Lycopersicon - Delicious & Abundant

Blondkopfchen Tomato Seeds - Solanum Lycopersicon - Delicious & Abundant

Quantity: 10 Seeds


Blondkopfchen, aka Little Blond Haired Girl, is a wonderful heirloom variety, with a unique charachteristic. These vigorous plants produce an abundance of orange cherry sized tomatoes on very large trusses. These trusses will hold so many fruits that they're often bogged down by their own weight. These indeterminate plants will ripen their fruits early in the season, and will keep producing until frost. The fruits taste great, and are quite versatile. They can be eaten fresh, added to pastas and salads, and they can be roasted or dehydrated too. This variety is resistant to disease, and the fruits are non-cracking. 


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.


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  • Growing Instructions

    Tomatoes are best started indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost to ensure that they get a good head start at life; for us here at the farm, the best time is around mid march. It's good to sow them in a sterile growing medium; most available seed starting soils should do the job nicely; we use sunshine mix (peat moss and perlite). The soil should be made moist, but not damp. Sow the seeds 1/4 inch below the soil surface. Store in a warm area until tiny sprouts emerge from the soil. A heat mat greatly aids in this step, but is not necessary. Seeds can take between 5-10 days to germinate. Once the seedlings have emerged, and the first true leaf has formed, it's time to pot up to a larger container that contains a good quality potting soil. Transplant to their final location when the nighttime temperatures are consistently 7°C or higher. Tomatoes do best when grown in full sun, but partial sun will yield decent results too. 

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