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Early Mizuna Seeds - Brassica Rapa var. Nipposinica - Vigorous & Prolific

Early Mizuna Seeds - Brassica Rapa var. Nipposinica - Vigorous & Prolific

Quantity: 250 Seeds


Mizuna, aka Brassica Rapa var. Nipposinica, is a biennial member of the Mustard family Brassicaceae. The Leaves can be eaten at any stage of life, and dont get tough with age. They can be sautéed, steamed, fried, added to soups, and the young leaves can be added into salads. Mizuna has a sweet, savoury, and mildly pungent flavour that lends itself nicely to so many dishes. Early Mizuna is an especially resilient variety, and it can handle frost and snow quite well. In fact, frost and snow make the leaves taste even sweeter. Mizuna truly is one of the most valuable plants to have growing in any garden, as it's one of the first and last plants to provide a harvest.


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.


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  • Growing Instructions

    Sow indoors a few weeks before last frost and set outside when danger of freezing temperatures have passed, or direct sow anytime until August. Plants can be harvested as baby greens in under a month, but larger leaves can be harvested in about 45-50 days after sowing. These plants are resilient, and don't need much beyond mulch and regular watering. Mizuna is hardy down to zone 6, so can tolerate frost and snow quite well. It thrives best in full sun, but will also yield a decent harvest when grown in partial shade. It likes to grow in just about any type of soil, and doesn’t seem to be particular to PH, but the soil needs to be free draining of water. These plants are drought, flood, disease, and somewhat pest resistant.

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