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Goji Berry Seeds - Lycium Barbarum - A Delicious Superfruit

Goji Berry Seeds - Lycium Barbarum - A Delicious Superfruit

Quantity: 100 Seeds

Goji berries are easier to grow in the garden than many people know. They're very tolerant of cold temperatures, and will live as a perennial for many years. If the growing conditions are right, it only takes two years from seed for plants to set fruit, and there have even been reports of them producing some fruits in the first year, but we haven't seen this in our plants. Once established, the plants can send up multiple stems that are loaded with an abundance of delicious and healthy fruits. The plants seem to grow stronger and more vigorous each year. 


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.


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  • Growing Instructions

    Under ideal growing conditions, Goji's can grow to be 8 feet tall, and equally wide. They yield hundreds if not thousands of red fruits that ripen throughout the summer and into the autumn until hard frost. The plants are hardy down to zone 5, so are well suited for many home gardeners across the nation. The plants do best when grown in full sun, but partial sun will provide a decent yield too. They can handle just about any soil type or PH as long as it drains well. Goji's do best when planted in fertile soil, but also thrive in poor soils; they're a very adaptable species.

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