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Marshmallow Seeds - Althaea Officinalis - Perennial Medicinal Herb

Marshmallow Seeds - Althaea Officinalis - Perennial Medicinal Herb

Quantity: 30+ seeds


Marshmallow, or Althaea Officinalis is a medicinal herb that originates from Europe, Asia, and north Africa. It's a long lived perennial that can grow up to 5 feet tall. All parts of the plant can be consumed; the young leaves and flower buds can be eaten fresh, the flowers make a great addition to salads, the early spring shoots can be steamed or cooked, and the roots can be made into a medicinal tea, as well as the highly revered confection that we know as marshmallows. It is a very useful plant.


Marshmallow is one of the first plants to come up in early spring, and each year it gains vigour, and is able to send up more shoots from the roots. The plant sends out numerous beautiful blooms in the summer, making it a very ornamental plant too. 


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.

  • Growing Instructions

    Sow Indoors as early as a few weeks before last frost, up to high summer to give the roots enough time to establish as a perennial. Indoor sowing isn't necessary, as it germinates readily in the earth. Marshmallow is hardy down to zone 3, and is not frost tender. Under ideal growing conditions, it will grow to be about 5 feet tall, and 2.5 feet wide. It thrives best in full sun, but will also produce a decent harvest when grown in partial shade. It prefers loamy or sandy soils, and doesn’t seem to be particular to PH, but does like the soil to be free draining of water, but quite moist at all times. These plants are drought, flood, deer, and pest resistant, and can provide one with high quality food, medicine, and confection for many years to come.

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