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Sea Plantain Seeds - Plantago Maritima - Delicious & Perennial Leaf Vegetable

Sea Plantain Seeds - Plantago Maritima - Delicious & Perennial Leaf Vegetable

Quantity: 100+ Seeds

Species: Plantago Maritima

Hardy to Zone: 5-9


Sea Plantain is a relatively unknown vegetable; it’s a perennial member of the plantago family. The leaves taste delicious, and are very nutritious too. These plants have the ability to absorb salt from the environment, so can have a salty flavour when grown in certain soils; it definitely does when grown by the ocean. Because of this, the leaves are great for drying for later use as a salt replacement.


The plant grows to be about 1 foot tall, and equally wide. Even though sea plantain is typically found growing by the ocean, it grows very well in the garden; it just doesn't taste as salty, which can be a good thing. The leaves can be picked from early spring to late autumn, but taste best before or after going to seed.


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.

  • Growing Instructions

    Sea Plantain is best started in the early spring. It's good to sow them in a sterile growing medium; most available seed starting soils should do the job nicely; we use sunshine mix (peat moss and perlite). The soil should be made moist, but not damp. Sow the seeds 1/4 inch below the soil surface. Store in a warm area until tiny sprouts emerge from the soil. A heat mat aids in this step, but is not necessary. Once germinated, and the first true leaf have formed, it's time to pot up to a larger container that contains a good quality potting soil. Transplant to their final location when the nighttime temperatures are consistently 5°C or higher. It’s best when grown in full sun, but partial sun is okay too.

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