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Strawberry Spinach Seeds - Chenopodium Capitatum - Delicious & Versatile

Strawberry Spinach Seeds - Chenopodium Capitatum - Delicious & Versatile

Quantity: 50 Seeds


Strawberry Spinach, aka Chenopodium Capitatum is a relatively unknown yet wonderful vegetable. It’s a member of the Amaranth family, Chenopodium, and originates from Brittain. It lives as an annual (or biennial if sown in the autumn), down to zone 4. Once established, Strawberry Spinach can be harvested in abundance Until it dies form cold or old age. The leaves taste quite similar to spinach; their flavour is savoury, sweet, and the leaves are somewhat succulent in texture. The young leaves work well as an ingredient in salads, while the larger leaves are best cooked and used in soups, stir fry, and roasted veggie dishes. The fruit-like clusters (technically a group of fleshy calyxes), taste sweet and fruity when ripe. the plants produce a substantial amount of these clusters. 


All parts of this plant contain oxalic acid, so should be eaten raw in limited quantities, just like spinach. Larger amounts can be safely eaten when cooked. 


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.


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  • Growing Instructions

    Sow seeds Indoors as early as a 4 weeks before last frost, but any time in the growing season is an appropriate time to start seeds. Indoor sowing isn't necessary, as it germinates readily in the ground. sow them on the surface of the soil, and keep moist until sprouts appear. Plants thrive best in full sun, but will also produce a decent harvest when grown in partial shade. It likes loamy or sandy soils, and doesn’t seem to be particular to PH, but does like the soil to be free draining of water. These plants are drought, flood, deer, and pest resistant, and as the plants readily self seed, they can provide one with high quality food for many years to come.

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