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Winterkeeper / Lutz Beet - Beta Vulgaris - Delicious, Large, and Cold Hardy

Winterkeeper / Lutz Beet - Beta Vulgaris - Delicious, Large, and Cold Hardy

Quantity: 100+ Seeds


Winterkeeper is one of the best varieties of Beet that one could possibly grow. The roots grow larger than any other variety, have an amazing flavour, don't become fibrous or pithy with age, and have good cold resistance so the plants can store in the earth throughout the whole winter to ensure a good supply of food during the coldest months. The plants are easy to grow, and don't require much attention other than regular waterings, and a good layer of mulch. The plants are very disease and pest resistant too.


All seeds are organic and open pollinated.


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  • Growing Instructions

    It's best to start Beet seeds as early in the season as possible, but can be planted any time from spring until mid August; we start them here on the farm in February to ensure the roots grow as large as possible. It's good to sow them in a sterile growing medium; most available seed starting soils should do the job nicely; we use sunshine mix (peat moss and perlite). The soil should be made moist, but not damp. Sow the seeds 1/8 inch below the soil surface. Store in a warm area until tiny sprouts emerge from the soil. Seeds can take between 2-4 weeks to germinate, but they can sometimes take less time too. Once germinated, and the first true leaf has formed, it's time to pot up to a larger container that contains a good quality potting soil. Transplant to their final location in the ground when the nighttime temperatures are consistently 10°C or higher. They do best when spaced every 12 inches. Beets grow best in full sun.

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